• Incotec manifesto

  • All innovation involves a commitment.

  • All innovation involves a commitment
  • 10 Incotec principles

We will add 20 years of experience to your company.

Our experience of over 20 years in the industrial sector will be fully available to your company from the start.

We will show you the most efficient form of innovation.

Innovation is not an expense. Innovation is not improvised; it is planned. Our objective is to obtain the maximum performance from our clients’ investments in innovation, minimising uncertainty.

We will always share what we know.

We are specialised in the main areas of industrial activity: agri-food, automotive, construction, construction materials, chemical-pharmaceutical, and energy.

You will get the most out of our transversal knowledge.

Presence in 80% of the Spanish industrial network gives us a panoramic view. Additionally, our team largely comes from the industrial sector. We are therefore familiar with the specific needs of businesses.

We will be at least as demanding as you are.

We work with rigour and precision. The success rate of our projects is in the top range of the sector, for example: 94% success in RD&I Deduction Projects, 80% in IDAE tenders, and 30% in SME Instrument (H2020).

We will prevent you undertaking unnecessary tasks

We carry out projects from start to finish, from writing reports to justification of the projects; we offer a real turnkey service.

We will work for you without you even asking.

With our Subsidy Management Plan, we identify the maximum budget linked with each project, maximising their potential financial return.

We will take responsibility for your fiscal security.

All work is carried out seeking the maximum fiscal security possible, through reports by independent experts and/or reports by the competent Administration.

We add value to your company.

We identify the area of expertise of your company to consolidate and enhance it. We can even help you to develop your own RD&I department.

You won’t want to give up our services.

Almost all clients that we began working with are still with us after many years of collaboration. Therefore, our balanced, sustainable growth is linked to that of our clients.